26 November 2020, 16:00 (German time)
International online conference
"Religious extremism and human rights"
Online in ZOOM
26 November, 16:00
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The conference aims to highlight the current situation with extremist religious movements in the modern world, especially on the European continent.

Daily reports of religious-based terrorist attacks are terrifying. The incidents in Paris and Dresden just in a week have galvanized the world and have made us ponder, once again, over the global security risk and Christian identity in Europe. This identity is threatened not only by extremist forms of Islam, but also by pseudo religious rites.
The political forum of the Interparliamentary Commission on human rights will provide us the opportunity to exchange information with parliamentarians participating in the Interparliamentary Commission. Among them are members of the Bundestag, deputies of the State Duma of Russia, representatives of the European Parliament and representatives of other international political forces.
The dialogue with parliamentarians should serve as a platform for exploring new ideas and solutions, developing new concepts for peace and stability.

The Forum will be concluded with the adoption of the joint resolution aimed at appealing to governments and parliaments.

Conference organizers
Interparliamentary Commission on human rights of the Bundestag (Alternative for Germany)
The Foundation for Civil Society Development «Public diplomacy» (Russia)
International Center for the Study of Eurasia
European Christian Coalition
Waldemar Herdt
A member of the Alternative for Germany (ADG)
Sergey Gavrilov
Chairman of the State Duma Committee on public associations and religious organizations
Alexey Kochetkov
President of the Public Diplomacy Foundation
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