A frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Where will be the conference?
The conference will be in zoom-program.
Where can I download zoom?
1.To your computer:
Download the program from the official website https://zoom.us/download.

2. To your phone
Go to the mobile app store
Apple App Store (for Apple) or Google Play (for Android) and type "Zoom" in the search bar. Click "Upload".
How to join the conference in zoom?
1. The Conference organizer uses Zoom to send you an invitation to join the conference to the email address that you provide. The email contains a link to the conference, an ID (hall code), and a password.
2. Click on the link
3. Enter your First and Last name
4. Allow access to your camera and microphone
5. Select "Connect with video" or "Connect without video". You can always change the camera settings and sound in the settings
6. When you log in, you will see the working ZOOM work panel. You will see everyone who is currently at the conference and the control panel at the bottom of the screen. However, some features are better to known earlier.
How to use zoom?
1 – "How to turn off the sound"

Use this button to turn your microphone on and off.

There is an unspoken rule, when someone speaks, the others turn off the microphone. This is due to the fact that even if you are silent, clicking the mouse, any noise in your room can be heard by all participants.

Your microphone can be turned on and off by the conference organizer. Next to this button there is a check mark pointing up. When you click it, you can configure your microphone settings.

2 - " How to stop video"

The button is similar to the previous one. You can use it to turn your camera on and off.

But there is a difference. The organizer can turn off your camera, but can't turn it on. When they decide to connect you again and turn on your camera, you will receive a request for permission.

3 - " Chat"

This button allows you to open the chat window and write there during the session. The function is similar to that in webinar rooms. It is useful if you are not yet participating in an active discussion and your video is not displayed on the screen.

4 "How to show your screen"

You can use this feature either if you organized the conference yourself, or with the organizer's permission.

It allows you to switch and show all participants the screen of your computer or gadget (presentation, document, etc.).

This may be necessary during a brainstorming session, meeting, or interactive training session. As soon as the screen turns on, an additional menu appears that allows you to draw, put arrows, move the mouse, etc.

5 - " End the conference"

You can use this button to leave the conference (conversation, training, meeting). If you are an organizer, you can simply leave the "conference room", allowing others to communicate for some time, or you can close the conference for everyone.
How to ask the question?
In order to draw attention to yourself, you can "Raise your hand".

6 – "Raise your hand"

In order to "Raise your hand" and draw attention to yourself, you need to
– Enable "Chat" You will see a chat box on your side
– At the very bottom you can see two buttons "Turn off my sound" and" Raise your hand"

– If you need to turn off your sound so that you don't interfere with the rest of the conversation while you're not participating in a live discussion, do it here
– If you want to draw attention to yourself, click on

"Raise his hand"